In this lab you will be investigating osmosis in plant cells. Your source of plant cells will be sample of potatoes. You will be using different salt solution concentrations and investigating the effect on the water movement in and out of the plant cells.

Class discussion/brainstorm questions:
  • What will cause water to enter or leave the plant cells?
  • How will we measure whether the potato samples have gained or lost water?

Use your Biology 9 lab rubric as a guideline to design, plan and investigate your research question.

In addition to using your lab rubric - also include an introductory paragraph with background information.

  • One paragraph background in your own words.
    ​Include your hypothesis in your background information.

  • ** Independent Variable:
    • Dependent Variable:

  • Write your research question based on your IV and DV: Does (IV) effect (DV)___?
    • Controlled Variables: List all aspects of the lab that you will be keeping the same throughout the experiement.

Partners for this lab:
  1. Danya and Lorenzo
  2. Lalo and Sergio
  3. Santusht and Gonzalo
  4. Hector and Juliana
  5. Rodrigo, Alessandra and JP
  6. Katherine and Eugyoung
  7. Delfina and Jungjoo